Milkround offer self-service advertising for SMEs targeting graduate market.

Short graduate recruitment campaigns ideal for new Milkround Recruiters Direct service.

Here at Milkround we’re delighted to launch our new self-service portal; Milkround Recruiters Direct. Graduate employers can now launch short recruitment campaigns on Milkround within 24 hours.

Milkround Recruiters Direct is aimed at providing SMEs with a cost-effective solution to attract the best student or graduate talent for their business, and will be an asset for larger firms looking to fill internship and adhoc roles quickly.

The cost of a two week campaign starts at £320 which includes a branded company profile, job listing and targeted email to Milkround’s exclusive database of 700,000 students and graduates.

Hiring managers can log into Milkround Recruiters Direct to set up or edit their company profile and publish their vacancies. They can take full control of the recruitment process, choosing how they would like to receive applications, as well as viewing statistics on each vacancy.

The service is aimed at smaller companies who can now take advantage of posting their vacancies on ‘the most widely used graduate recruitment site*’ at a more cost-effective rate.

Find out more about Milkround Recruiter Direct at

Social Media Graduate Recruitment Conference & Awards – Short-list announced!

After a phenomenal response to aia and Milkround’s survey about Gen Y’s social media habits we are delighted to announce the short-list for the Social Media Graduate Recruitment Sector Award.

More than 1350 respondents completed the online survey during November 2011 giving us some revealing insights into the social media habits of students and graduates. We’re excited to reveal the full findings of the survey, with aia, on the 12th of January 2012 during the SoMe conference.

The shortlist below is created on candidates’ answers, across 8 sectors, to the question:

Which company do you believe has the best social media campaign”.

Winners will be announced during the SoMe Award evening on the 12th January 2012.  You can buy your tickets here.

In addition to the student led awards, there will also further awards decided by a panel of Industry experts. For more information please visit

The short-list for each sector are:

Professional Services
Ernst & Young
Teach First

Financial Services
Barclays Capital
JP Morgan

Public Sector
Teach First
Civil Service Fast Stream

Allen & Overy
Clifford Chance
Slaughter and May


Amnesty International
Cancer Research

Hospitality & Leisure
Camp America
Virgin Atlantic
Fitness First

Consumer Goods
Coca Cola

To book tickets to attend the awards ceremony and conference please visit

Join Milkround this December with the 12 Days of Christmas

An exclusive festive offer every day until Monday December 12th!

Behind each box; offers, discounts, giveaways and competitions!

Each day a new box will be opened, revealing a special promotion for you to take advantage of. All you have to do is click on each box to open the offer.

The offers so far:
Day 1 – £99 for one month social recruiting package

Day 2 – One month advertising campaign for £699!

Day 3 – A Milkround Applicant Tracking System free gift!

Day 4 – Christmas game

Day 5 – Two week advertising campaign for £399!    

Day 6 – Branding alongside ‘The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers’            

Day 7 – Milkround goody bag    

Day 8 – Milkround Applicant Tracking Pre screener – only £499!

Once opened, the offers inside are valid until the 12th December, meaning you can take advantage of all the promotions!

Happy Christmas!
Milkround Team

Milky Mov’s raise £873 for Movember!

During the past month the Milkround guys have rallied round to try at all odds to grow the best tash. Some it came to more easily, some took a while to get started, where others had to resort to ‘Just for men’.They have been campaigning tirelessly to raise as much money as possible for the cause and currently stand at a great total of £873!Well done to all of the Milky Mov’s!

If you still want to contribute you can support this great cause by donating here.



A student’s view on paying for internships…

Karl Booton takes over the Milkround Recruiters blog to give his opinion on yesterday’s news in Recruiter magazine: ‘Interns willing to pay for work experience’ 

“Firstly, let’s start with the fact over the fiction: jobs, contrary to popular belief, are not easy to come by. Competition is tough:  a degree is no longer the ‘Golden Ticket’ to a job in the way it perhaps once was.  Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, internships are also not easy to come by.

So enter, the latest voice to join the fray in the recent internships debate.

The website is the brainchild of some Faustian fellow who devised that, given the current global financial crisis: one in which jobs are the hardest they have ever been to come by, a climate in which students and graduates are both required (and willing) to work for free in order to gain skills essential for employment; and a market where there is fierce
competition to get even that first foot inside the door, a greedy individual theorised that interns would pay for the privilege of working for free.

Interns using can expect to pay on average of £60 a day for their work experience; although they could, in some cases, pay as much as a staggering £200 a day. The site’s CEO, however, insists that its service is “cheap”.

The site proposes to be a response to the “pent-up demand” for internships: its fees a mere pittance for the expertise learnt at the knees of professionals. However, let’s not forget the genuine reality of internships: most are unpaid, with little or no food and travel expenses; and they are often undertaken at some considerable financial strain to the

Internships are a two-way street, much in the same way that a job interview is informative of whether you are suitable for the company or not, and whether the company is suitable for you. Employers gain many hours of free labour, while interns secure valuable new skills.

But internships are not just about the skills acquired by the intern.

Employers should seize upon the opportunity as a chance to nurture new talent to the industry, especially in the creative fields such as PR and communications. After all, if a degree is no longer enough to gain entry into a chosen field, then industries must make it more accessible for graduates to gain experience.

The last time I heard anything so altogether innocent as Etsio’s proposal, the Coalition government were insisting that tripling university tuition fees would increase access to education.”