Are our graduate expectations too high? #trugrad #trulondon

This blog covers my experience at #trulondon as well as the key results from new research by Milkround and aia regarding Gen Y and their social media habits.

Yesterday I attended #trulondon and once again I was swept up with the discussion going on around me ranging from #trugrads right through to Pinterest.  As usual there was lively debate both in person and on the hashtag #trulondon.  Taking my background the track I was most interested in was #trugrads.  I attended this track last February so was interested to see if anything had changed in the past year.

Unfortunately it seemed not much.  There is still a large gap between what employers expect and what graduates are actually doing.  Most of the students who were there were expecting a lot of help in finding a graduate job.  Many were scared off by the recent stats showing the vast amount of applications per job. However there are still roles which graduate recruiters are finding hard to fill because graduates either lack the necessary skills or don’t know how to promote their skills. Many of the students were expecting help with this, in particular through their careers service.  Recruiters in the room though questioned ‘are we entering a culture where students are expecting to be spoon fed too much?’

Some tips I’d give graduates:

  • Gain experience – whether this be voluntary or paid.  If you’re interested in marketing then market yourself – start a blog, tweet, why not start a board on Pinterest
  • Start networking – both offline and online.  The power  really is in your network – start discussions online with influencers, hiring managers and get yourself noticed in the social space.  Also start attending offline events, in particular industry specific.
  • Research – google how to write a CV, typical interview questions etc.  Why not ask people in your network if they can look at your CV or run through a typical interview.
  • Don’t give up – knock backs are a part of life, each one will help you build on your experience and find a role that really suits you.

I was supposed to give a track myself yesterday on Gen Y’s habits on social media but unfortunately during the madness of the unconference I didn’t have time.  The topic was the recent research we’ve conducted at Milkround alongside aia.  I was going to spend time sharing these stats and debating what they could mean for social recruiting in the graduate space.  A lot of cool ideas come out of #trulondon but are ‘Gen Y’, the digital natives, actually keeping up with all the latest technology we’re throwing at them?

We conducted 2 studies – one last year and a further one that drilled down a bit further last month. Here are just some of the key stats:

Social Media Survey – conducted by aia & Milkround

1350 respondents said:

  • 16 % use Google + daily, while 11 % use it most days. 46 % never use it.
  • 45 % have a LinkedIn profile
  • 70 % are aware that graduate recruiters use social media to promote their jobs – but over 51 % would like more assistance in how to use social media when job hunting.
  • Half of all respondents would use a mobile device to register for more details about a job, but less than a quarter would apply for a job via a mobile device.

Social Recruiting Survey – conducted by Milkround

506 respondents said:

  • 43 % have a LinkedIn profile
  • Found that the use of social media depends on which stage they are at:
    • Job Hunting Stage: 64 %
    • Research Stage: 65 %
    • Application Stage: 20 %
    • Interview Stage: 16 %
  • Facebook: 65% would add where they work on their FB profile.
  • Only 17 % of the 57 % that had a twitter account use hashtags.

It’s interesting to see that graduates are becoming more socially savvy whilst looking for a job but it seems like they’re not quite there – many need guidance on how to use these channels.  It will be interesting to see if the gap between students and recruiters narrows in the near future. Here at Milkround we try and bridge this gap by educating students and grads through doings presentations at universities about social media.

If you’d like to receive the Executive Summary for these two studies please get in touch

#gradsocrec in tweets

Thanks to everyone that came to our Social Media Week event on Thursday on Social Recruiting & Gen Y.  As well as some great interaction at Milkround HQ, there was also a big buzz on Twitter.

Here are some of the key stats picked out by TweetReach for #gradsocrec:

  • 365 tweets 
  • Reached 43,880 people
  • 177,103 impressions
  • 79 ‘twitterers’

You can check out all the tweets and further stats from #gradsocrec here.


Next up we’ll be discussing our findings at #trulondon – a recruiting unconference. You can find out more info here or follow #trulondon on Twitter.

Social Media Week: Social Recruiting & Gen Y #gradsocrec

If you haven’t heard about it before you need to!  Social Media Week is one of the world’s most unique global platforms, offering a series of interconnected activities and conversations around the world on emerging trends in social and mobile media across all major industries.  If you’re in London it’s a must attend occasion, with various exciting events happening across the capital.   You can also follow the discussion on Twitter #smwldn

“Social Media Week does not disappoint. It is a real-world manifestation of some of the best that new technology has to offer – ideas, strategies and insights shared by the people who are shaping the future” Ellen McGirt, Senior Writer, Fast Company.

We’re very excited at Milkround to be hosting our own Social Media Week event: Social Recruiting & Gen Y.  It’s happening on Thursday 16th February and it’s completely free to attend.

The breakfast event will take place between 8.30-10.30am, at our headquarters in Wapping, and will focus on Gen Y and social media in recruitment. We will be presenting key findings from our recent Social Media survey, as well as hosting a key panel consisting of thought leaders from the industry.  The panel will give a brief overview of their experience in social recruiting and answer any questions you may have about integrating social media into your campaigns.

If you’re interested in graduate recruitment and social media this is a must attend event. 


8.30-9.00: Networking (breakfast will be provided)

9.00-9.15: Intro to Milkround and case study by Hyundai

9.15-9.45: Social Media Survey and Q&A presented by Anne-Lise from Milkround and         Darren from aia.

9.45-10.30: Panel discussion – chaired by Ben Nunn at ThirtyThree

Panel Members:
Ben Nunn (Chair) – Head of Digital ThirtyThree

Having worked in the recruitment communications industry for just over 16 years– the last 12 of which have been in the Digital arena, Ben has a broad range of experience and knowledge that aid in his current position leading the Digital team at ThirtyThree.

Richard Waite – Resourcing Brand and Campus Senior Officer at Grant Thornton 

Richard has 5 years experience in graduate recruitment within large accountancy firms.  In his current role, Richard has been responsible for creating and delivering Grant Thornton’s social media recruitment strategy covering their trainee blog, facebook and twitter. Alongside his social media responsibilities, Richard has developed and currently manages their campus attraction strategy and trainee recruitment brand.

Dominic Sumners – Director OME      

Dominic is the Founder and MD of OnlineMediaExperts (OME), which was the UK’s first digital recruitment ad agency. OME help many of the country’s biggest recruiters on their digital strategy including candidate attraction, user experience and employer brand. OME’s clients include Dixons, Carphone Warehouse, LIDL, Pizza Express and Kenexa. He fundamentally believes that social media programmes need to be built on a bedrock of sound and attraction strategy and robust digital processes and only then do you have the opportunity to get the results you want. Before launching OME – Dominic experienced both sides of the media/agency world as a Director at VNU, ThirtyThree and fish4.

Carl Ellis (graduate)  

Hailing from Northern Ireland, Carl Ellis is a Creative Advertising Strategy undergraduate at the University of the Arts’ London College of Communication and works part-time in the financial services industry. Having completed a brief work placement for ACE Saatchi & Saatchi Manila, he is currently seeking a paid internship with a successful London-based agency and is committed to pursuing a career in the advertising and marketing sector upon graduation in 2013.

Andy Hyatt – Head of Digital at Hodes

Andy has spent over a decade in interactive, working with some of the largest and most successful brands in the world to deliver effective, engaging and award-winning campaigns. He has worked both client and agency-side, for Lloyds TSB, leading digital agencies MRM Worldwide and AKQA and most recently heading up DLKW’s interactive team.

There are only a few tickets left for this event!  You can find the event on the Social Media Week London website and apply for tickets via this link.

Hope to see you there!