Hi and welcome to Milkround Recruiter’s blog :)

With 14 years experience in the online recruitment market, we are keen to share our knowledge, as well as learn from you.  This blog is a resource and an opportunity for like-minded professionals to come together, we hope you’ll join in.

This blog will explore topics related to graduate recruitment, social recruiting, HR software, ‘gen y’ and much more.  If you have any suggestions for a blog article, please get in touch.

A little bit about us:


Milkround has been at the forefront of graduate recruitment for 14 years. As a pioneering digital service launched in 1997, Milkround became the first choice among recruiters for finding the UK’s best students and graduates.  Milkround is backed by the publisher of the UK’s leading newspapers and web sites, including The Times and The Sunday Times. The leverage of News strengthens the entrepreneurial spirit of Milkround while building greater campaign reach potential for clients across market-leading graduate and experienced hire recruitment solutions.

Data capture & targeting

Milkround acts as a ‘honest broker’ between qualified candidates and hiring businesses, by gathering, segmenting and protecting the data of those candidates, and managing efficient direct marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients. We personally tour leading universities and recruitment fairs, as well as engage peer students to build candidate profiles. We collect and organise that information so clients can successfully target them according to the characteristics and qualifications of the roles and schemes they are looking to fill. The current Milkround website was launched in September 2010 while our tagline “careers of the highest degree” is inspired by a drive to give students and graduates career confidence.

For the last four years running, High Fliers Research has rated Milkround as the UK’s most widely-used graduate recruitment website in their annual UK Graduate Careers Survey. Our proven ability to match Britain’s top students and graduates with the best UK employers has worked for more than 10,000 clients. Indeed, 92 of The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers 2010 use Milkround for their recruitment drives.

The Milkround Network

Second PostDiversity MilkroundFurther Study and Milkround ATS together with Milkround complete our network of recruitment solutions. Each has been developed with a specific focus to meet client needs.

Second Post enables clients to target graduates looking for their second professional role. Diversity Milkround helps clients highlight their workplace equality with a focus on filling graduate vacancies. Milkround ATS is our innovative, cost-effective and best-in-class applicant tracking system. Further Study promotes learning programmes to graduates looking for specialist professional courses and higher degrees.

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