Milkround host first employability training day

Students and graduates benefit from hands-on career guidance.


Milkround continued to lead the way in graduate recruitment yesterday, hosting their first employability training day to boost career confidence among students and graduates. The market-leading website invited 20 students and recent graduates to their London head office for a day dedicated to providing guidance and support where it is needed most.

Working with a qualified trainer, Milkround created a structure designed to improve the skills and confidence of these young people. With one to one CV clinics, mock assessment centres, interview and covering letter advice, the interactive day was deemed a huge success and something that Milkround will continue to do.

One attendee commented: “The training was extremely useful for me, covering all aspects of the recruitment process in detail. I have identified my strengths and weaknesses so I can improve my competencies ready for my future career”.

Candidate Marketing Manager, Laura Smith commented: “The training day has really supported our vision of helping students and graduates build their confidence. It was a real pleasure to work alongside such talented individuals and see first-hand the commitment and drive these young people have when exploring their career options.”

Milkround and Adzuna join forces to launch Graduate of the Year Competition 2013


Milkround are extremely excited to announce an exclusive partnership with to launch the Graduate of the Year Competition 2013.

Competition for graduate positions continues to rise in the UK with over 50 applicants for every available graduate job. Unemployment among 18-25 year olds is the highest it’s been for decades and graduates are finding it tougher than ever to land an entry-level position. But there are glimmers of hope in the market, with top employment companies Milkround and Adzuna teaming up to launch a nationwide campaign to find Britain’s “Graduate of the Year 2013”.

Recent data from job site shows that there are currently 18,460 graduate jobs currently available in the UK, but more graduates than ever are fighting it out for these positions. There are over 100 applicants per graduate job in competitive sectors such as Finance, Healthcare and Law.  Finance graduates have to fight it out with 118 applicants for every role.

The Adzuna and Milkround competition, open to all recent and soon-to-be graduates, will reward the brightest and best graduates in their field – from academics and student politicians to sports people and young entrepreneurs. Applicants must answer a series of simple questions about themselves and what makes them special, and the winner will be rewarded with the following prize:

  • An internship with a top UK company (including eBay, L’Oreal, Sony & Google)
  • A cash prize of £1000
  • A CV clinic with a top UK entrepreneur
  • The Illustrious Crown of “Graduate of the year”

Applications for Graduate of the Year are open from today and will stay open until midnight on the 1st July 2013. Students and recent university graduates can apply directly at and the overall winner will be announced at the Award Ceremony on the 1st August 2013.

Milkround publish exclusive insight into student and graduate career confidence

Career Confidencefinal news image final

  • 53% of graduates are feeling optimistic about their future career prospects
  • 37% of respondents claim the media has left them feeling unable to get a job
  • The use of smartphones for job searching has risen from 20% in 2012 to 33% in 2013

Following on from their Career Confidence Breakfast event which took place earlier this month – Graduate recruitment website – Milkround have published their second, exclusive annual Student and Graduate Career Confidence Report today (Thursday 2nd May 2013).

In February and March 2013 Milkround sent out their annual Student and Graduate Career Confidence Survey to their database. The survey collected views of over 2,000 students and graduates on a range of topics including where they get their career inspiration from, how media reports affect them and whether they are optimistic or pessimistic towards the economy, university fees and job opportunities. This research has formed the basis for their annual Career Confidence Report.

This year’s report is particularly interesting as it’s the first time that a year on year comparison has been made on the career confidence of students and graduates with some surprising similarities and shifts in opinion.

It was reported that 53% of graduates are feeling optimistic about their future career prospects. There was some pessimism around the subject of getting a graduate job after university, with only 31% feeling positive, however there was much more optimism (56%) around getting any job once they have completed their degrees.

When asked what would make them feel more confident in their future job prospects – 55% reported that a qualification from a professional body would be the most effective, 52% stated a career mentor would build their confidence and 47% cited that regular meetings with a career advisor would be advantageous.

71% of all respondents reported that their main concern about finding a graduate job is the level of competition which was a 2% year on year increase. Other main concerns were attributed to there being too few graduate jobs available, along with concerns surrounding a lack of relevant experience.

Milkround asked respondents to name one word which best describes how they are feeling about their current career prospects – a huge 36% stated that they are “Worried”. This was three times the amount of the next most popular words with 12% reporting they were feeling “cautious” or “depressed”.

The report goes on to break down the demographics by first year, mid-term, finalists and graduates – gaging their feelings towards a number of factors including their career prospects, salary and the economy. Not only are we presented with their current opinions but we also get an insight into how respondents predict they will be feeling about these particular topics in six months’ time. The general consensus was that students and graduates would begin to feel more positive about these topics in time.

What is strikingly clear from the research is the negative influence in which the media continues to play in student and graduate career confidence, with 37% of respondents claiming it has left them feeling unable to get a job.

This year the report also collected responses with regards to what devices students and graduates are using to search for graduate jobs. Respondents using a smartphone for their job search have risen from 20% in 2012 to 33% in 2013. The use of tablets also grew from 3% in 2012 to 17% in 2013.

Milkround spokesperson Simon Pullin said: “It’s clear that students and graduates need support from recruiters to reassure them that graduate jobs are available, this can only be achieved by providing relevant and accessible information through the channels which they are most comfortable in using. Our survey indicates that advertising on graduate job sites which are compatible with Mobile and tablet is the most effective way of promoting vacancies to this demographic. Job searching via smartphone and tablet is clearly on the rise as a young tech-savvy audience aim to fit their graduate job search into their busy lifestyle.”

Simon added “The career confidence of students and graduates has taken a hit, but there is optimism that the situation will improve with a little time, some work experience and a professional qualification.”

You can find Milkround’s full Career Confidence Report HERE.

The growing importance of mobile in a multiplatform graduate recruitment campaign

When leaving the house which three items will the vast majority of us feel lost without?

  1. Wallet or purse
  2. House keys
  3. Our mobile phone!

Research conducted in 2012 by reported that over 50% of the UK owns a smartphone making us the third highest in the world after China and the USA. The Smartphone has revolutionised the way we search the internet, integrating it within our daily routine and making information accessible almost anywhere, any time.

Smartphone penetration is even higher amongst 16-24 year olds who have grown up alongside mobile technology and the internet and predictions for 2013 suggest that these figures are set to continue growing meaning that there is a real emphasis on mobile marketing, providing information on the move.

Results from a survey conducted in collaboration with AIA aimed at students and recent graduates reported that more than 50% of respondents would use their mobile device for searching and registering their interest for jobs, although a lot fewer actually use their mobile as a final application tool. This suggests that students and graduates opt for a multi-platform approach to job hunting. Searching and registering their interest in products, services and vacancies via their mobile and completing the application process on a laptop or desktop.

Recruiters must take note of these growing trends and consider incorporating mobile into their multi-platform recruitment campaigns. The use of mobile banners, QR codes and advertising graduate vacancies and company profiles across mobile enabled sites are great examples of how mobile can be used to target the finest graduate talent.

The Milkround survey went on to report that students and graduates are using their mobile devices more than desktop computers to access social media. The most used platform for accessing social media was the laptop but forecasts suggest that mobile will be leading the way by the end of 2013.

These statistics should act as an indicator to recruiters that a multi-platform approach incorporating mobile in a recruitment campaign will result in much higher vacancy and company profile views, and in turn an increase in applications. 

IME to give free online leadership training to 200 charities


Charities are being offered free access to online training courses from online management and leadership trainers IME. The company is offering access to 200 charities as part of its CSR activities.

Each chosen organisation can receive places on the IME nationally accredited online training course for their employees, to be used at any time during the year. This training is worth up to £11,250 per annum, say IME. Selected charities are asked to pay £4 a month per employee to cover IME’s online platform support.

IME provides courses to companies across the UK, from the FTSE 100 to small and medium sized organisations.

The partnership support would include:

National accreditation in Management Development and Leadership Skills for staff to use anytime during the year.

Charities can choose to receive 12 or 25 employee places available per annum

Each employee will have access to the IME learner platform so they can learn at their own pace

Access to tutorial videos, accredited worksheets and a range of online support channels.

One-to-one online support from qualified IME trainers

Each employee will receive a national accreditation on completion of the course.

Milkround launch new site, bringing quality to the fore of graduate recruitment


Milkround is excited to announce the launch of its new website and mobile enabled site today, designed to act as a career resource for students and graduates, whilst driving the best applications for clients from job seekers committed to their graduate career.

Looking beyond the realms of the traditional job board, the new Milkround website puts engagement and quality at the heart of graduate recruitment.

For the last five years Milkround has been rated the most widely-used graduate recruitment website by university finalists* and now it has evolved into a social-media-friendly career resource.

Milkround invested in independent research with a leading market research agency who spoke to students and graduates to understand what they wanted from graduate recruitment websites. This project identified key pillars, which are the foundations of this market leading, candidate led site.

The new Milkround aims to drive engagement amongst users, creating a real job community on-site. This supports their vision of providing students and graduates with career confidence.

Milkround continues to lead the way in graduate recruitment with their new site offering an intuitive, site wide search, providing simple information presented in an easy-to-digest format, ensuring candidates have access to relevant information to shape their careers and make informed decisions about their futures.

Taking a multi-platform approach, Milkround are delighted to launch their mobile-enabled site. With their mobile traffic increasing 225% this year, the new site makes it easier for job seekers to view opportunities and read careers advice on-the-move.

To continue with this innovative theme, Milkround have introduced Milkround+, an area on site to support their one million registered users. It offers a personalised experience, including a user dashboard with recommended opportunities, recently viewed jobs, upcoming events, links to saved searches and a wishlist featuring opportunities flagged for application. 

Milkround is excited to announce their users are now viewing an average of five pages per visit, spending over eight minutes on site. Milkround aim to capitalise on these increases with their new site through building a career community, promoting peer to peer communication and enabling students and graduates to build a network of support during their job hunt.

General Manager Jenni Joplin commented: “This is an exciting time for Milkround. Our new site is the accumulation of two years of hard work and investment, cementing our vision of creating career confidence for students and graduates. With a focus firmly on the candidate experience we can now offer a multi-platform and personalised career resource for our members, which in turn provides our clients with better informed and engaged candidates.Watch out for new features and tools appearing over the coming months!”

Visit today to see these new features or contact one of our team on: 020 3003 4000 or at

* The UK Graduate Careers Survey by High Fliers 2008 – 2012